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Like strippers?
Enjoy gender transformation and furry smut?
You've come to the right place.

This is my first comic from Rip and I was ecstatic to work with her. I have never had a comic done before (nor have I helped with writing one) but for a first time effort, and with Rip's influence, I'd say it came out really well.

It was a fun project and watching it come together piece by piece was a thrill and I really hope you folks enjoy it.

Welcome to Bottoms Up, the only hotspot in town where you can legally show strangers your junk (at least in some cases). They've put ads on cragslist, and in that weird stack of paper your grandparents get delivered every Sunday, looking for some "general help".

Well, let me generally help you understand- there's no such thing as general help in this strip joint. Our buddy Dafnier has to navigate their way through a job interview with some 'liquid encouragement' provided by the bar.

Will Daf have enough spending money? Can they get me a pizza?

Find out in LAST RESORT

(actually, I mean, you don't really find that out- but there's sexier things to worry about)